LED Wearables Like The Aurora Handbag From Clara Lume Are Fashion Forward

LED wearables are not just a trend – they are fashion forward and are being seen from Los Angeles to New York City. The Aurora Handbag is a unique LED wearable from Clara Lume. Your handbag is as unique as you, and when you go out with the Aurora Handbag, you’re sure to get noticed!

LED stands for “light emitting diode”. LEDs are just tiny light bulbs that fit easily into an electrical circuit. But unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, they don't have a filament that will burn out, and they don't get especially hot. They are illuminated solely by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material, and they last just as long as a standard transistor. The lifespan of an LED surpasses the short life of an incandescent bulb by thousands of hours.

Fashion statements just got a whole lot more literal with the advent of LED wearables like the Aurora Handbag, which literally sends a message with flashing lights and motion detectors that can light up, change color, and change patterns. In this technologically advanced age, the intersection of a range of industries is producing some pretty incredible results, and this is one of them. And while this type of clothing was initially designed for performers and celebrities, it’s now being marketed to the everyday wearer as well.

The Aurora Handbag is one of the LED wearables for everyone. The Aurora Handbag is more than a handbag. It’s a dynamic light show that doesn’t mind holding your necessities. Enthralling even in broad daylight and breathtaking after dark.

You’ll be surprised how brilliant and beautiful the colors are, even in full sunlight. At full strength, the lights shine brighter than two 100-watt lightbulbs. At normal brightness, your lights will play for approximately 8 hours. At lower settings, they last up to 24 hours.  The duration is affected by which light shows are chosen.  The Clara Lume app can help you optimize your run time by showing you what designs take more power and which ones take less.

LED wearables are fashion, not a fad. Clara Lume’s Aurora Handbag is on the cutting edge of fashion. The Aurora Handbag comes with light shows and patterns already installed, and with the Clara Lume app, you can have up to 63 playlists of patterns and light shows.

To learn more about LED wearables and the Aurora Handbag, visit https://claralume.com/products/aurora2.