Light Up Accessories Like The Aurora Handbag Is One Of A Kind

Light up accessories are a common trend, but of all the accessories available, the Aurora Handbag from Clara Lume is a one-of-kind handbag that is like no other light-up accessory on the market. From the sleek size to the Clara Lume app, the Aurora Handbag is as unique as you.
The Aurora Handbag is made from high-quality white faux fur, has a premium full-grain leather trim, high-quality zippers made in the U.S., wear-resistant silver-tone strap and buckles, and the inside is heavy-duty 100 percent polyester lining. The handbag is well made as will hold up better than other light up accessories found in stores.
The handbag comes with eight preprogrammed lights and patterns, and dozens more are available on the Clara Lume phone app via wireless connection. There’s a button hidden inside the trim that will adjust the brightness, turns the lights on and off, and changes the patterns. The Aurora Handbag is easy to use and offers many more features than other light up accessories. 
The battery in the Aurora Handbag lasts more than eight hours, based on the duration of default brightness and a typical playlist. The duration may be longer or shorter, depending if longer or shorter light shows are chosen. Given the plethora of light up accessories, the Aurora Handbag is truly one of a kind.
The lights on the handbag appear on both sides, as opposed to other light up accessories. The lights are brighter than two 100-watt lightbulbs and are bright even in direct sunlight. No matter what the weather is, your Aurora Handbag will make you the star of wherever you are. From grocery shopping to a night out on the town, prepare to be seen and be the ‘scene’!
For more information about and to buy the Aurora Handbag, visit There is also an option to apply through the company Affirm to make monthly payments for as low as $31.