Light Up Accessories Like The Aurora Handbag Make a Statement

Light up accessories are not just for tweens and teens – the Aurora Handbag from Clara Lume is more than a handbag – it’s a dynamic light show that is happy to hold your necessities. It’s bright during the day and breathtaking after dark. The Aurora Handbag is like no other light-up accessory you’ve ever seen.
The Aurora Handbag is made from quality white faux fur, premium full-grain leather trim, high-quality zippers made in the USA, weather-resistant silver-tone strap and buckles, and heavy-duty 100% polyester lining. The Aurora Handbag is more than most light up accessories you may see elsewhere. It’s a statement, a testament to your fashion sense – with its dozens of light and color patterns available on the Clara Lume app via wireless connection, the Aurora Handbag lets you be you.
With the push of a button, you can easily choose from Clara Lume’s preprogrammed color light shows and adjust the brightness. Want your handbag to coordinate perfectly with your outfit? Have fun exploring dozens more colors and patterns using the phone app.
The Aurora Handbag is perfect for girls’ nights out. Light up accessories are all the rage, and this is the perfect way, as an adult, to show the world how unique you are. Set the light pattern to beat along to the music, or the colors to match your mood – the possibilities are endless!
The Aurora Handbag is stunning from every angle. The lights, which at full strength, shine brighter than two 100-watt lightbulbs, which means even in broad daylight, they are seen and shine brightly. At normal brightness, your lights will play for approximately 8 hours. At lower settings, they last up to 24 hours.  The duration is affected by which light shows are chosen.  The app can help you optimize your run time by showing you what designs take more power and which ones take less. For frequently asked questions, visit our website at
Light up accessories like the Aurora Handbag aren’t just for teens anymore – they’re your way to make a statement with your fashion. For information on how to buy the Aurora Handbag, visit There is also a link to qualify for monthly payments through Affirm for as little as $31 a month.