The Aurora Handbag Is The Perfect Accessory For A Girls’ Night Out

When it’s time for a girls’ night out, the Aurora Handbag is the perfect way to make a statement. Make a statement by matching the Aurora Handbag to your mood, your outfit, your shoes, or even your hair color! With the Clara Lume app, there are many different patterns and light shows to pick from – you’ll definitely get noticed when you carry the Aurora Handbag with you on your next girls’ night out!
When you and your ladies walk into a club, heads will turn and drinks will drop. Your handbag will tell everyone you’re not here to be a wallflower, you’re there to make a statement with your Aurora Handbag. From trivia night to dinner out with the girls, the Aurora Handbag is the perfect accessory to be seen with. 
The lights on the Aurora Handbag feature:
• Dozens more light and color patterns available on our phone app via wireless connection
• Button hidden inside trim adjusts brightness, turns lights on/off, changes patterns
• Battery lasts 8 hours or more
• Lights appear on both sides of the handbag
The lights, at full strength, are brighter than two 100-watt lightbulbs. The handbag is bright and can be seen easily in full sunlight, so just imagine when it’s time for a girls’ night out and how bright you and your Aurora Handbag will shine.
When you’re getting ready to go out for your girls’ night out with your friends, and if you’ve forgotten to charge the battery on the Aurora Handbag, after one hour of charging, the battery will be at 60 percent. For full battery strength, charge for three hours. The battery will last for eight hours at normal brightness. The Clara Lume app can help you optimize your run time by showing which designs take more power and which ones take less. At lower settings, they can last for 24 hours, so your girls’ night out can go into the wee hours, and you’ll still be making a statement with your unique handbag.
To learn more about the Aurora Handbag from Clara Lume, visit The handbag can also be bought on the same page, or you can apply to pay as little as $31 a month through Affirm. Get noticed and make a statement on your next girls’ night out with the Aurora Handbag!