You see the northern lights.

We see a  designer handbag.

Gorgeous light comes in countless forms, from the northern lights to fireworks shows. That power and possibility is the inspiration behind everything we create at Clara Lumé. We’re founded on the idea of taking brilliant fashion choices to a whole new level. What’s more fun than accessorizing with a light show? Invite Clara Lumé to be your wing girl, and prepare to be the light of the party.


We’re quite adult behind the faux fur and rainbow colors.

The magic of colorful light in motion is the cornerstone of all our creations. But just between us, it isn’t magic—it’s technology. And we insist that fashion with a technical component needs to operate seamlessly and simply. Richard Hofer, our Master of Light Technology, makes sure of that. We love you for your massive nerdbrain, Richard!

It’s intense out there. Let’s lighten things up.