Q: Will The Aurora work without using the phone app?

A: Yes, The Aurora comes loaded with 8 light patterns. You may connect wirelessly using an iOS or Android smart phone/tablet to access 100s of unique light designs to match your outfit–or your mood.


Q: Does my phone have to remain connected to use the other patterns?

A: Not at all. Choose as many additional lightshows as you like, then download them to The Aurora. You’re good to go!


Q: Does The Aurora stay on constantly once I turn it on?

A: You can set your handbag to sleep or wake back up based on your movement.


 Q: The display on my handbag shuts off after 15 minutes, how can I change this?

A: The Aurora senses motion and will shut off the display after 15 minutes without movement to save battery life.  Any motion will turn the display back on for another 15 minutes after the display has shut off.  If there is no motion the Aurora will shut off completely at this point.  You can change this duration or disable this feature by going to the ‘Design Shop’ page and clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner.


Q: Do the lights show up during the daytime?

A: You’ll be surprised how brilliant and beautiful the colors are, even in full sunlight.


Q: How bright are the lights?

A: At full strength, they shine brighter than two 100w lightbulbs.


Q: How long before I need to charge again?

A: At normal brightness, your lights will play for approximately 8 hours. At lower settings, they last up to 24 hours.  The duration is affected by which light shows are chosen.  The app can help you optimize your run time by showing you what designs take more power and which ones take less.


Q: Oops, I’m going out after I get dressed and I forgot to charge the battery. Is it too late?

A: Your battery will be charged to approximately 60% after only one hour, or to full charge in about three hours.


Q: Can anyone with the Clara Lumé App link to my Aurora?

A: No.  In order to connect to your Aurora, you have to perform an initial linking procedure that requires you to push a ‘Link’ button inside of the handbag.  Only push this button when you need to add another linked device.


Q: How do I keep my Aurora from accidentally turning on in my luggage while traveling?

A: The Aurora has an ‘Airplane’ mode.  When the charger plug is inserted the device will not turn on.  Whenever you're traveling, insert the charger plug into the charger port inside the bag to prevent the lights from accidentally turning on while in your luggage. (Note: the charger does not need to be plugged into the wall.)


Q: When I received my Aurora the battery level was low, is this normal?

A: Due to shipping regulations the Aurora must be shipped with a partially charged battery.  In addition, the battery level indication on the app may also not be accurate until the first full charge.  Please let your Aurora fully charge as soon as you can.


Q: Why is my Aurora flashing while charging?

A: The Aurora shows you a charge progress indication during charge so that you know approximately how much charge it has.  A fully dead Aurora will show a red bar on the left, as the charge progresses the bar will move across the purse and turn orange, then green.  When the Aurora is fully charged the fully green bar will double flash.


Q: How do I un-pair my Aurora from a previously paired device?

A: If you want your bag to forget a smartphone/tablet, press and hold the “Link” button for ten (10) seconds, until the flashing sequence changes. Now all smartphones/tablets will need to repeat the “Linking” procedure to connect to your bag.


Q: The fur on my new Aurora has a crease in it or is a little ‘flat’, is this normal?

A: Yes.  During packaging the fur on your Aurora can get compressed or creased.  Lightly brush the fur and let it sit overnight.  The creases will fall out over time and the fur will fluff up.


Q: I got a stain on the fur of my Aurora, how do I clean it?

A: Do not put in the washing machine, dryer or dry-clean, as this will cause permanent damage to your Aurora. You can spot clean with a damp cloth and a small amount of soap. Do not wet the fur all the way through as this can loosen the fibers. Surface cleaning only.


Q: I accidentally unplugged the control module from the wires in the Aurora.  Which wires go where?

A: On the top plate of the control module you will see a line connecting two of the ports.  Plug the wire with two plugs on it into these two ports.  The individual plug goes in the unmarked port.


Q: The display on my Aurora is upside down, why?

A: This means that wires on the control module are not plugged in correctly.  Simply swap the two smaller plugs.


 App: Devices Page

Q: How do I link my Aurora to the Clara Lumé app?

A: Load the Clara Lumé app and sign in.  Then press and hold the small blue “Link” button on the control module inside the handbag, until it starts flashing.  In the app, click the “Search Again” button and it will automatically pair your bag to your smartphone/tablet. You’ll only need to Link the first time you connect to a new smartphone/tablet.


Q: I can see multiple Aurora devices on the list, what do the background colors mean?

A: If the device row background is ‘black’ then this device is already paired to your phone and you can click it to connect.  If the device row background is ‘blue’ then the link button on the device has been pressed and you can click it to connect.  If the device row background is ‘grey’ then the device has not been paired to your phone.  You can click on it and then the app will request that you press the link button on that device.  If there is only one device in the area then the app will automatically connect to it or guide you through the connection process.


App: Playlist Page

Q: How do I rearrange the order of my lightshows?

A: You can drag and drop the lightshows into any order.  Click and hold down on the lightshow you want to move, then drag to the location you want it.


Q: How do I remove a lightshow from my playlist?

A: Swipe to the left on the lightshow you want to remove, you will see a “Remove” button… just click.


App: Design Shop Page

 Q: How do I remove a lightshow from my Aurora?

A: If the lightshow is on your ‘Device’, not ‘Cloud’, simply swipe to the left on the lightshow you want to remove, you will see a “Remove” button… just click.  If the lightshow is on your Playlist as well you will get a warning with options.


Q: I get the error “Too many playlist entries.  Remove items from playlist first” when I try to add a new lightshow to my Aurora.  What does this mean?

A: The Aurora can hold up to 63 lightshows on your playlist.  If you try to add more than that you will get this error.  Simply remove some items from your playlist and add the new lightshow again.


Q: I get the error “Too many file entries.  Delete files first.” when I try to add a new lightshow to my Aurora.  What does this mean?

A: The Aurora can hold up to 63 different lightshows in the control module.  If you try to add more than that you will get this error.  Items in the Design Shop page will show as either ‘Cloud’ or ‘Device’.  Simply remove some items that indicate they are on the ‘Device’ and add the new lightshow again.